Music by Nickel Back - If Today was Your Last Day. I try to keep the words of this song in my mind each day. Wouldnít the world be a better place if we all did?

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Project - Bird of Prey

I really enjoy Classic Cars and currently Iím working on my most extensive project ever. Sometimes I think I took on to big of a project. Itís a 1964 Ford Falcon Hardtop. It was in rough shape when my friend Tripp found it in the country side of South Carolina. Thought it looked decent on the outside it was another story onced I got it home and started taking it apart. Itís turned into a ground up rebuild.  Problem is I lack a few skills needed for this level of a rebuild.  So progress has been slow.  Plus, Iím doing a few really off the wall things, like a Jaguar independent  rear suspension.  The engine is going to be computer controlled EFI with a distributorless ignition system and possibly twin turbos. Itís amazing the junk yard modifications you can find on the internet. Stuff that can be done easily and really cheap. I will update this section as often as I can to show the progress I make on my car.

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